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Committed to the truth

This school is a non-profit, non denominational, religious and scientific research organization. Since 1987, IDMR Madison has gathered together as friends and fellow investigative minds dedicated to showing proof of the existence of our Creator, Yahweh, our Elohim, and the operation of the purpose, pattern and plan of the universe throughout eternity to this present day. We are part of a larger organization called the Institute of Divine Metaphysical Research (IDMR), with branch schools in the United States, Canada and certain other foreign countries. For more information please explore our site and contact us for more details on when we meet and what we do.


Aims of the Institute

The primary constitutional objectives and aims of the institute are as follows:

1st. To help you find and know Yahweh our Elohim as he really is and actually exists.

2nd.  To form a nucleus of universal brotherhood of humanity in Yahshua the Messiah without distinction of race or nationality, creed, sex, caste or color.

3rd.  To investigate the unexplained spirit law or so-called law of nature and the powers latent in man.

4th.  To encourage and promote the study of the scriptures, comparative religions, psychology, philosophy, and modern (practical and occult) science.

5th.  To extirpate current superstition, skepticism, and ignorance.

6th.  To learn, know and understand the operation of Yahweh's eternal purpose through the dispensations and ages.

7th. To discern and avoid being deceived by Lucifer, the serpent, the devil, the dragon, or Satan and his demons, operating the mystery of iniquity on earth through the dispensations of time.

8th.  To earnestly contend for the common salvation and faith which was once delivered unto the sons or children of Yahweh.

9th.  To make known that Yahweh, from the beginning, ordained there is no other name given among men whereby man can be saved, saving the name of Yahshua the Messiah.

1oth. To inherit eternal life now in the kingdom of Yahshua the Messiah, with the hope of immortal glorification in the new earth state.

Our watchword is peace                          Our slogan is speak the truth


Teaching Tools: Charts

Just like any other school, we use books and pictures to help to further clarify a point during a lecture. These are some of the main "charts" or pictures we use that depict a wide range of topics. Some of the first were painted on bed sheets but now are painted and reprinted on large canvases. 

**Note: Each class has their own charts, often painted by members of the classes themselves, so every class has slightly variated charts -though the information remains the same. All of the charts in this section were borrowed from our friends in Lansing. You can find more information about their class and our institution in general at:   https://idmrlansing.wordpress.com/

IDMR Chart08 - Name and Unity1.jpg

Names Chart

The Names Defined

This chart explains their names, their improper substitutions and why they are inaccurate and impossible translations and transcriptions of the true and correct name and title of our father and his son.

IDMR Chart04 - Elementary.jpg

Elementary Chart

The Original Chart

 This was the first chart painted after Dr. Kinley had his vision and revelation. It depicts different bible stories and how they go according to Yahweh Elohim's purpose, pattern and plan. The power of his name and salvation throughout the dispensations of time are painted "line upon line" on the canvas to show the steps in a simple but clear format. Some of the stories depicted are the Adam and Eve story, Noah and the Ark, Yahshua's death, burial, and resurrection and more.

IDMR Chart03 - Moses1.jpg

Moses Chart

How the Migratory Journey Shows the Salvation of Yahweh

This chart is a basic but important chart because it shows the "bread and butter" story of Moses, the freeing of the Israelites and their journey to the promised land. Through Moses, Yahweh saves an entire nation of people and declares his names forever to the world. It also explains the pure spirit of Yahweh coming down into the pattern of Elohim and then the physical being of Yahshua (commonly Jesus). Of course there is so much more so please check it out!

IDMR Chart09 - Green1.jpg

The Green Chart

The Creator Imaged by His Creation

As described, this chart shows the creation and how it works according to the patten. From atoms and cells to the birthing process and the change of the seasons, you can explore how the world around you is preaching and showing the pattern of Yahweh Elohim.

IDMR Chart05 - Old and New Testaments1.jpg

Covenant Chart

The Real Old and New Testament

Many people find the old testament and the many rules and demands "that god" put on the people to be silly and unrealistic. We often pick and choose which one we will practice and throw out the rest; things like baptism, Lord's Suppers, and so on. Many also mistakenly believe that Jesus, properly Yahshua, came to show us a "Christian way of life". This chart explains his TRUE purpose and how, through his death, we are freed from that old way of life into a spiritual way of worship and understanding.

IDMR Chart01 - Ages and Dispensations2.jpg

Ages and Dispensations Chart

Numbers and Historical Observation can Make His Purpose Manifest

If you are good with numbers then this chart will be for you. The creation is filled with mathematical phenomenons, which Yahweh Elohim manifests along with certain mathematical patterns to show his purpose in the creation. This means dates, ages, dates, years, times and so on.


Our Family


Visit Us

Visitors are always welcome! If there’s anything you’d like to know about us or if you would like to come to a class please get in touch. We rent an office space in West Towne Office Center where we meet twice a week.

Our Meeting Times:

Wednesday: 7:00-9:00 PM

Saturday: 10:30 AM- 12:30PM

6701 Seybold Rd

Madison, WI 53719

Contact name: Kally (like "cali"-fornia)


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Find More Schools


Check out our friends in Oceanside, CA! They stream their classes live every Tuesday and Saturday night (7-9pm Pacific Time). They are really good about taking questions from online viewers so get in touch if you want to learn more! (Above is a full length class for you to enjoy!)

Lansing, MI Class

If you are headed to the Great Lakes area then Lansing, MI has a school that posts classes online. They post live lectures on youtube Friday nights at 7pm and Sunday mornings at 11am. They also take questions and have a lot of tools and resources for you to use.

Springfield, OH Class

Springfield is home to much of the history of this institution. The founder of the school, Dr. Henry Clifford Kinley,  was from the area and had his vision in the town. There is still a class held multiple times a week, all of which are posted live on youtube. Check them out below! 
Sun: 11am   Tue: 7:30pm  Thur: 7:30pm

Syracuse, NY Class

New York is home to many classes and our friends in Syracuse have also been able to put their classes online. While they do not stream live they are uploaded every week. You can find a link to their youtube channel below.